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Helical pile design - Deep Excavation

Helical pile design has traditionally relied on calculating capacity from the cylinder and individual plate methods. A settlement based design method for helical piles appears to offer a better way of estimating capacity.

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Helical piles deliver benefits over competing deep foundation systems including reduced environmental footprint, speed of installation and applications within diverse soil and environmental conditions.

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Prefabricated piles are driven into the ground using a pile driver.Driven piles are constructed of wood, reinforced concrete, or steel.Wooden piles are made from the trunks of tall trees.

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Screw piles, sometimes referred to as screw anchors, screw-piles, helical piles, and helical anchors are a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building deep foundations.

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If a reinforced footing is required, Helical Pile Triple Helix Screwpiles can be used piles are usually placed every 2.5 to 3.5 metres depending upon the load of the structure and the bearing strength of the soil.

IDEAL - Manufacturer of Helical Piles and STELCOR Micropiles

IDEAL Group is the leading manufacturer for high capacity helical piles and STELCOR Drilled-In Displacement micropiles.

What You Should Know About Soldier Piles - Foundation Repair ...

What Is a Soldier Pile? A soldier pile is a common retaining wall strategy in which H-shaped steel beams ("piles") are drilled deep into the earth at regular intervals — usually 2 to 4 yards apart. In between each vertical pile, horizontal support

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Suppliers of structural repair products across the UK. Call 0845 40066. Products include wall ties, helical repair solutions, crack stitching, lateral restraints, lintel repair, webac resins andshire mini piles.

Helical Piers & Helical Piles for Foundation Repair

PierTech is a leading manufacture of helical piers, piles and anchors. Made from extra strong steel, we have the equipment to support your foundation.

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The processes and apparatus involved in installing building foundations (such as helical piles) are continually progressing, while new tools and techniques emerge.

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We use high-quality, up-to-date products and experienced workers to install helical piers and repair foundations. Specializing in the energy, construction, residential and commercial industries with professional engineering and safe, cost-effective services.

Helical Piles - IDEAL Foundation Systems

IDEAL manufactures round shaft and round corner square shaft (RCS) helical screw piles for loads from 30 to 700 TONS.

Helical pile analysis software HelixPile - Deep Excavation

Helical pile analysis software HelixPile offers the most modern and complete solution for helical piles.

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Upcoming Webcast: Seismic Behavior of Helical Piles in Dense Sands . Helical piles are being used in seismic regions of the U.S. and other countries, yet there remains much confusion regarding the state of practice and building codes for this pile type. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that piles with comparatively small cross-sections and high ...

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We provide extensive training for installers to ensure that all helical screw piles are installed accurately and efficiently every time.

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