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History of Scottish Mining and mining areas of Scotland including housing, health, mining accidents and disasters.

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ADJUDICATION – (SURVEY)- The pronouncing of a judgment or decree in a cause; also the judgment given. ADJUSTMENT OF DATA- (SURVEY)- A process used to remove inconsistencies in measured data.

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The NIOSH Mine Safety and Health Technology Innovations Award recognizes mines and companies that have made an extraordinary effort to apply technology or improve processes in innovative ways, above and beyond mandatory requirements, to improve mine worker safety and health. In mining, technology ...

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Coal miners in the early 20th century risked their lives just to go to work every day. In the first decade of the 20th century, around a half-dozen miners died on the job every month in the coal mines of northern Illinois. Nationwide, more than 2000 coal miners died on the job every year between ...

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District 12 Industry Coal mining (before the Second Rebellion) Medicine (after the Second Rebellion) Victors Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Haymitch Abernathy Unknown Female Victor (book) Mayor Mayor Undersee Rebels Delly Cartwright Gale Hawthorne Greasy Sae Greasy Sae's granddaughter Haymitch...

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See also Modern Mining Occupations — a list of Occupations and Job Descriptions from 1967. This information is taken from the following sources: An 1825 description by E. Mackenzie of the Northumberland coal mines, "the following is a brief enumeration of the employments, and a few technical terms peculiar to coal-miners"

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After the Boom. Eastern Christians cling to their faith as time runs out on the former coal towns of Pennsylvania, reports Jacqueline Ruyak with photographs by Cody Christopulos

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Tahltan: Iskut elder Mabel Dennis being arrested on 15 September 2005 by an RCMP officer. Nine Tahltan and Iskut elders were arrested for blockading the road to Klabona, the Sacred Headwaters, in protest over coalbed methane mining by Fortune Minerals and Shell Canada.

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(Yes, that is a real picture of Giuliani in women's clothes. He has appeared in drag many times.) Rudolf Giuliani is operatic, in the worst sense of the word -- overdramatic, pompous, self-important and full of emotional extremes. In everything he does, he stirs up tro

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On October 27, 1873, a slightly built, bespectacled, and unshaven man calling himself James McKenna alighted from a train at the station in Port Clinton, a small community on the southern border of Pennsylvania's Schuylkill County. It was coal-mining country, a rough part of the world suffering ...

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"Demandite" is the word used by mineral economists to describe the materials that must be provided— usually by mining— to meet the needs of civilization.

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Coal . Coal has a long history of use as an energy source. It was the fuel of the industrial revolution and although many other energy sources have replaced some of the applications in which coal was used, it still is an important fuel for electrical generation.


Anthracite mining history will reach a dramatic milestone in 2019 and a special program is in its nascent stages. One of the speakers who has been penciled in will observe his own milestone, "God willing,'' he says. Bill Hastie, who possesses an encyclopedic and photographic memory and ...

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The 2010 Copiapó mining accident, also known then as the "Chilean mining accident", began on Thursday, 5 August 2010 with a cave-in at the San José copper–gold mine, located in the Atacama Desert 45 kilometers (28 mi) north of the regional capital of Copiapó, in northern Chile.

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King Coal: A Novel (The Appalachian Heritage Series) (Volume 1) [Upton Sinclair, Ryan Hardesty] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this classic novel by Upton Sinclair, young Hal Warner leaves home determined to discover the truth about conditions in the coal mines.

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