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North East Ohio Salt Mines Are Big Time Producers « The Great ...

The state of Ohio mines nearly 4,000,000 tons of salt a year! That's incredible. As a matter of fact, salt was the first mineral to be mined in the state.

Office of Surface Mining - Official Site

The U.S. Government's Official Website for the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). OSMRE's business practices are to reclaim abandoned mine lands (Title IV), regulate active coal mines (Title V), and apply sound science through technology transfer.

Canadian Diamond Mines: The Surprise in Northern Canada

Diamond Mines: A map of Canadian diamond mines showing the approximate location of eight mines. Map by and MapResources.

Drift mining - Wikipedia

Drift mining is either the mining of an ore deposit by underground methods, or the working of coal seams accessed by adits driven into the surface outcrop of the coal bed. A drift mine is an underground mine in which the entry or access is above water level and generally on the slope of a hill, driven horizontally into the ore seam.

Mines and Meadows ATV/RV Resort - Trails, ATV Riding Dirt ...

Experience 80+ miles of ATV riding trails on 877 acres with your Quad, Dirt Bike, or SxS! Even ride underground through abandoned mines on our famous Mine Tour!

Appalachian Ohio: Where Coal Mining, Fracking, & Politics ...

Mapping Coal and Fracking. The below map depicts parcels owned by coal mining companies in the Ohio counties of Belmont, Noble, Guernsey, and Muskingum, as well as previously mined and/or potential parcels based on owner and proximity to existing mines.

Operations | Foresight Energy

Sugar Camp Energy's mining complex, located in Franklin County, in southern Illinois, contains 1.3 billion tons of clean, recoverable coal reserves and is designed to support up to 4 separate longwall mines.

Consol selling 5 coal mines, river transport business in $3 ...

Some 600 workers have been laid off from the the idled former Blacksville No. 2 Mine in Monongalia County, W.Va. It is one of five former Consol coal mines in northern West Virginia that were sold in 2013 to Ohio mining competitor Murray Energy Inc.

Centralia, a town in Pennsylvania destroyed by a mine fire

In 1962, something happened that would transform Centralia from a quaint and lively small town into a bleak and hazardous wasteland: an underground fire began to burn out of control.

Alaska's Underground Pyramid: A Case of Faulty Memory ...

A retired U. S. Army Counterintelligence agent, Doug Mutschler, says that when China exploded its largest underground nuclear test on May 22, 1992, geologists and seismologists used the event to study the Earth's crust and discovered a large pyramid-shaped structure underground in western Alaska between Mount McKinley […] and Nome on Norton ...

COMPLETE LIST of Military Underground Bases in USA – The ...

The Los Alamos facility dates at least back to 1940. One can only imagine what has been built with 1/2 century of labor on this underground system.

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