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Pedestrian Safety - Kids and Traffic

Sharing the Kids and Traffic pedestrian safety messages (PDF 194kb) with young children is a great way to help children learn about being a safe pedestrian without making them responsible for their own safety.

Road To Rio: Police Sweep Away 'Street Children' Ahead Of ...

Government officials say the security preparations — including clearing out street kids — are critical to ensuring tourist safety. About 85,000 policemen and soldiers will be used for the games, about twice the number of security personnel present for the London Olympics in 2012.

Car and Road Safety for Educators | Safe Kids Worldwide

These are some fun and exciting games and activities that will teach your students safety tips while they're playing.]

Road Safety Games - Family Learning

These road safety games will help children and families to learn about the Green Cross Code and how to stay safe when out and about, whether walking, cycling or travelling in a car.

Kids Page - Safe Walking - NYS Governor's Traffic Safety ...

Can you put the safety puzzle pieces together? See the jigsaw puzzle page.. Your parents may not allow you to walk near the road by yourself or with your friends yet.

For educators - ICBC

K to grade 7. Developing traffic safety skills is critical to all ages of school children. Our RoadSense Kids resources support cross-curriculum learning on various road safety topics.

Pedestrian safety & road safety for kids | Raising Children ...

This essential guide to pedestrian safety and road safety for kids can help you keep your child safe from cars in driveways, near roads and in car parks.

Kids Traffic Sign Answer Page - NYS Governor's Traffic Safety ...

Traffic signs and signals and what they mean; Signs & Signals What they mean; When the signal light turns green, cars go. When you cross the street at a signal light, you should wait for the walk signal.

Street - Wikipedia

The word street has its origins in the Latin strata (meaning "paved road" - abbreviation from via strata); it is thus related to stratum and stratification.Ancient Greek stratos means army: Greeks originally built roads to move their armies.

Staying Safe - KidsHealth

Staying safe means you can have more fun! Learn how to play it safe at home, outdoors, and on the road during any season of the year.

Introduction to teaching road safety and lesson ideas

is a global resource for anyone interested in organising a Road Safety Week in their country, locality or organisation.

Key Stage 1 and 2 Activity Sheets | Somerset Road Safety

Somerset Road Safety aims to reduce collisions and casualties on local roads, creating safer communities and improving the quality of life for residents and visitors to Somerset.

A dog's life | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council

Dino the dog has lots of good advice to help us stay safe on the road. What do you think is the most important thing to remember? Tell us your ideas!

Motorcycle Safety is a Two-way Street -

Motorcycle Safety is a Two-way Street. When spring is in the air, motorcycles are everywhere. Do you long for the freedom that comes with riding on the open road?

Road Safety Advice For Children -

Road safety advice for children including safe cycling skills, the Green Cross Code and information packs.

Home Alone Safety for Kids | SOS 4 Kids Inc.

Home Alone Safety For Kids Program - street smarts, "Tricky People" or dangerous people, internet - Mississauga, Ajax, Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Etobicoke, Oakville, Hamilton

"Slow Down Kids Playing" - Slow Children at Play Yard Sign ...

Road Traffic Signs engineer grade reflective aluminum rectangle child safety sign, legend "Slow Down Kids Playing". Post this sign and watch accidents decline.

Safety Tips | Safe Kids Worldwide

On this site, you will find tips from top safety experts on everything you need to keep kids of any age safe from preventable injuries.

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