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Our extensive product line includes DTH and reverse circulation hammers and bits, tricone bits, adaptor subs, air perforators, well casing, drill steel, casing alignment clamps and torch guides, diverter boxes, shock absorbers, retract hammers, thread lubes, oilers, as well as a comprehensive line of Matex environmentally friendly foamers, rock ...

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Rotary Rigs. Rotary rigs drill the vast majority of wells today, including all medium and deep wells. The rotary rig consists of four major systems.

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The Hutte HBR 203 is an extremely versatile 9.4 ton rig with a powerful 27,000 nm rotary drill head, double breakout clamps, and optional umbilical hoses.

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Diamond core drilling (exploration diamond drilling) utilizes an annular diamond-impregnated drill bit attached to the end of hollow drill rods to cut a cylindrical core of solid rock.

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Meeting The Needs of Drillers Around The World we provide Quality Used/Rebuilt/New drilling machinery servicing worldwide needs.

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with the driving of casing the insertion of the drill bit, the operation of the bit until a slurry is formed and the bailing of the slurry until the casing reaches a desired

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Save money by keeping your drill bits sharp and efficient with a new Atlas Copco bit grinder from RDS! Contact us today for more information and for pricing.

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Rotary Drilling Equipment Broker We Understand Your Drilling Needs and Equipment Problems

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This article lists the main components of a petroleum onshore drilling rig.. Offshore drilling rigs have similar elements, but are configured with a number of different drilling systems to suit drilling in the marine environment.


A SONIC drill is more precisely identified as a rotary vibratory drill. It is capable of high drilling speeds as well as accomplishing tasks, such as continuous coring that cannot be carried out by any other equipment.

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DTH cum Rotary Drilling Rig Nominal drilling capacity 150 mtr of 4 1/2" bore 3 " OD drill rods Engine driven centrifugal pump on trolley HYDRAULIC

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Cable Tool Rig. When the first commercial oil well in North America was drilled at Petrolia, Ontario, in 1858, a cable tool rig was used. Cable tool rigs had been in use for hundreds of years.

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The Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.

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How to drill a water well, well drilling, portable drill rig, well drilling machine, well drilling tools, deep rock, well drilling equipment, borehole drilling, diy well drilling.

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Rotary Products Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools The Market's Most Complete Rotary Drilling System. Atlas Copco Secoroc can now offer worldwide customers the market's most complete rotary drilling system.

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9 Methods for decreasing costs by improving procedures for reducing rig time Rig time can be reduced by addressing procedures at several stages of the construction

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I used this drill for light commercial work. I own a pest control company, and use this drill for drilling concrete slabs for termiticide injection.

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Hydraul-EZ™ – Horizontal Directional Drilling Fluid For all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling & as a jacking lubricant Cetco® Hydraul-EZ™ is a high yield, 200-mesh sodium bentonite clay with a special dry polymer additive.

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