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Railroad Crossing - AAA Digest of Motor Laws

Alabama. Driver shall keep to the right half of highway at railroad crossing unless area is obstructed or impassable. School buses, vehicles carrying explosives, and buses or trucks carrying passengers must stop at all railroad crossings.

glossary railroad railway operation control signalling ...

deutsches Glossar: An abridged form of this glossary with about 200 catchwords you find in the textbook Railway Operation and Control.

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Archive

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Ex-railroad worker who cut signal wires on train tracks faces ...

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A former railroad worker caught cutting safety signal wires will be sentenced Wednesday, Jan. 10, in federal court. Jeffrey Alan Taylor, who maintained railroad signal wires for about 15 years, earlier pleaded guilty to impairing a railroad safety signal, a potential 20-year ...

Railroad switch - Wikipedia

A railroad car's wheels are guided along the tracks by coning of the wheels. Only in extreme cases does it rely on the flanges located on the insides of the wheels. When the wheels reach the switch, the wheels are guided along the route determined by which of the two points is connected to the track facing the switch.

Lionel Model Railroad taking shape... - Model railroad ...

Barry's made progress with his new Lionel layout: "Alastair, Here are some interim picture updates just to show you the progress but I've still got a couple of days left.

Railroad signals | Trains Magazine

Absolute signals are most often used at interlockings or in CTC territory where it is desired to control when, and if, a train passes a signal. Absolute signals are found at railroad crossings and drawbridges, and at places where trains pass over powered switches, such as at the ends of sidings or ...

Rail transport - Wikipedia

Rail transport is a means of transferring of passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, also known as tracks.It is also commonly referred to as train transport.

Kids Page - Railroad Crossing Safety

Railroad Crossing Signs & Signals and What They Mean; Signs & Signals Meaning; This sign means you are coming to a railroad crossing. Always look both ways and listen carefully to be sure a train is not coming from either direction before crossing the tracks.

Model railroad crossing signal and crossing gate controllers

Where do most folks see trains in the real world? At a grade crossing. Visitors to your model railroad layout will mentally connect your crossing signals to the real world.

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Free online train games and train simulators, plus a guide to 100+ railroad games for download.

Railroad |

Railroad: Railroad, mode of land transportation in which flange-wheeled vehicles move over two parallel steel rails, or tracks, either by self-propulsion or by the propulsion of a locomotive.

Fox River Grove bus-train crash 20 years ago resulted in ...

The horrific collision of a Metra train and school bus in Fox River Grove that killed seven students 20 years ago Sunday prompted important improvements at railroad crossings everywhere, but there are still ways such intersections can be made safer, experts say.

School Bus Drivers | Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Interactive Game Helps School Bus Drivers Cross Tracks Safely. Operation Lifesaver (OL) has a computer-based challenge for school bus drivers that prepares them to safely cross railroad tracks.

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