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Wine Cellar Cooling Units - VintageView

We are experts at making wine look good — and ensuring its safe storage for years to come. We work with top wine cooling manufacturers and can spec a variety of units into your project, big or small, residential or commercial.

Powder Coating Magazine

Powder Coating is the only technical publication devoted to the powder coating industry and other green finishing technologies. Articles provide up-to-date information about the powder coating process, including surface preparation, materials handling, powder coatings, raw materials, application and recovery equipment, curing equipment, and ...

Haber process - Wikipedia

The Haber process, also called the Haber–Bosch process, is an artificial nitrogen fixation process and is the main industrial procedure for the production of ammonia today.

Wine Storage: Wine Cabinets, Wine Racks & Wine Cellar Cooling ...

Wine cooling and storage from Wine Enthusiast. Our cabinets and storage units are exactly what your wine glasses and bottles are looking for.

Processing Magazine - Official Site

Processing is the No. 1 resource for process engineers working in the chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas and pharmaceutical process industries.

Biofouling control options for cooling systems - POWER Magazine

The infrequent or improper introduction of biocides into a plant cooling system may make fouling within it worse, by creating thick biofilms that can foster corrosion, reduce heat transfer, and increase water pumps' operating costs.

Chemical Engineering - Chemical Engineering essentials for ...

Chemical Engineering essentials for the global chemical processing industries (CPI)

How to Design And Build A High-Performance Cooling System

Take a look at the steps you need to take to design and build a high performance cooling system for your car.

Operating Plants In The Chemical Industry | Chemical Processing

Information on a range of chemical engineering topics, from process engineering, manufacturing and automation strategies to fluid handling and pumps.

Cooling System Additives - SuperStreetOnline

We find out how well cooling system additives really work and which is best - Turbo and High-Tech Performance Magazine

Storage Tanks: Heating and Cooling System Design

Various heating or cooling options are described here, along with the factors and design parameters that need to be considered. A sample calculation regarding coils is included Tanks constitute important equipment in the chemical process industries (CPI). Various types of liquids are stored in tanks ...

Climate Cooling, the Other Side of Climate Change Science ...

Global Cooling Facts- the monster of climate change. An impact assessment scientist tells about global climate cooling facts

Process Heating - Official Site

Written for engineers, Process Heating magazine publishes technical, how-to info about industrial heating equipment for manufacturing processes.

Process Cooling | For engineers who specify cooling equipment ...

Process Cooling writes about industrial process equipment used to cool, refrigerate, extract heat, or maintain temperature during manufacturing.

FPS Food Process Solutions - Official Site

FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in freezing + cooling solutions which increase efficiency while meeting the most stringent sanitary demands.

5 Things to Know About a Geothermal Heat Pump | Family Handyman

Fact 3: Geothermal has real benefits Much lower operating costs than other systems. A geothermal heat pump will immediately save you 30 to 60 percent on your heating and 20 to 50 percent on your cooling costs over conventional heating and cooling systems.

Plastics Engineering Blog | The monthly blog for Plastics ...

The monthly blog for Plastics Engineering magazine. Another Imflux patent describes a "simplified evaporative cooling system" (U.S. Pat. # 8591219) with cooling lines in a support plate and projections that allow mold cavities to snap in. U.S. Pat. Applic. # 20150064303 describes "simplified cooling with exotic cooling fluids" in ...

Process Technology Troubleshooting: Charles E. Thomas ...

Process Technology Troubleshooting [Charles E. Thomas] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For the first time, process technicians have a resource designed specifically for them that will provide a comprehensive

EPA Issues Final Cooling Water Intake 316(b) Rule

A final rule released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today will affect cooling water intake structures at 544 U.S. power plants and provide t

Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth Is Cooling - Forbes

Climate change itself is already in the process of definitively rebutting climate alarmists who think human use of fossil fuels is causing ultimately catastrophic global warming. That is because natural climate cycles have already turned from warming to cooling, global temperatures have already been ...

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