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A lathe / l eɪ ð / is a tool that rotates the workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis.

Small- and Home-Shop Rifling Machines | WeaponsMan

One of the things that many builders find daunting about the idea of manufacturing firearms completely from scratch, is manufacturing a rifled barrel. There are two tough nuts to crack with barrel making. The first is deep hole drilling, which is still called in industry "gun drilling ...

Prototype & Production CNC Milling at Jerpbak-Bayless Company

With our custom, CNC vertical and horizontal milling technology, Jerpbak-Bayless is able to specialize in deep hole and gun drilling. Our advanced machinery can uphold a (+/-) .0005 inch precision tolerance and is capable of working with a variety of materials.

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Tibo Products. Gundrilling machines, cross table machines and BTA deep hole drilling machines made from modular system components. Deep hole drilling is defined as "a metal-cutting" machining process for making boreholes in which the ratio of drilling depth to drilling diameter is normally 10:1 or more".

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Gun drilling was originally developed to drill out gun barrels and is used commonly for drilling smaller diameter deep holes. The depth-to-diameter ratio can be even greater than 300:1.

Gundrills - Star SU

Single Flute Gundrills. The single flute gundrill, with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and hold excellent finishes, was originally developed for gun barrel manufacturing.

Milling & Drilling machines - Amadeal Ltd.

Milling machines & metal working for both the Professional and hobbyist.

Kays Engineering, Inc. - Official Site

Kays Engineering manufactures the DeHoff and Eldorado brands of deep hole drilling, gun drilling, and BTA/STS machines. Made in the USA for 50+ years.

Guhring - Official Site

Drilling tools & Gun Drills. The Guhring Precision range of Drilling Tools is made from HSS, HSCO & Carbide. Available as Jobber, Stub, Long Series, Taper Shank, Micro-precision, Centre-drill, Core-drill, Gun-drill, Solid Carbide and Oil Feed type.

Gun Drilling - Stegman Tool

Stegman Tool's numerical controlled deep hole drilling/gun drilling services can provide precision drilled holes to meet today's most complex drilling needs. With our machines we can drill to a depth capacity up to 80 inches or more including on center and offset hole configurations.

Gundrilling - American Drilling

Gundrilling & Deep Hole Drilling . American Drilling Company specializes in precision gundrilling with capabilities for small diameters from 0.049 to large diameters up to 4.5″.

Gundrilling Machines | Precision Machines for Deep Hole Gun ...

Gun drilling machines are capable of precision holes from 1 - 50 mm [0.04 -2.00 in] in diameter, and can maintain accuracy in extreme depth-to-diameter ratios.

Fryer Machine Systems Inc. - CNC toolroom lathes milling ...

Custom Machines. Fryer custom machines are designed for a customer's unique task or group of tasks and cost effectiveness. We use our standard frames as building blocks for these custom solutions.

Guhring Ltd - Drilling Tools & Gun Drills

Guhring drilling tools & gun drills. Guhring have been manufacturing drills since 1898 and now supply almost every style and size required for any application or material type.

Arc Welding Machines - Welding Rectifiers, Conventional ...

Trader, importer and service provider of arc welding machines, welding rectifiers, conventional welding rectifiers, inverter based welding rectifiers heavy duty inverter base arc welding rectifier, inverter base arc welding rectifier (igbt), igbt inverter base arc welding rectifier, arc welding rectifier inverter base (mosfet)

UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Machines - Official Site

UNISIG brings powerful and intuitive deep hole drilling machine capability to our industry-leading customers worldwide. Machines are engineered to handle a range of applications with confidence, supported by our high service and knowledge.

Eldorado Gundrilling Machines - Kays Engineering, Inc.

View the full line of Eldorado gundrilling machines made in the USA by Kays Engineering. Eldorado - the most popular name in gundrilling since 1948.


Drilling: In drilling nickel alloys, steady feed rates should be used. If the drill is allowed to dwell, excessive work hardening of the metal at the bottom of the hole will make it difficult to resume cutting and may result in breaking of the drill when it does take hold.

BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines – Hong Ji Precision

Hong Ji is a deep hole drilling machine supplier of BTA drilling machine and gun drill machine with BTA drilling and precision tooling for high production need.

12 pc. Precision R-8 Collet Set | Grizzly Industrial

Made from the highest grade steel available for collet manufactures, these collets are precision ground to very close tolerances. Complete 12 piece set.

International Drill Guide, Inc. Gundrill and Deep Hole ...

International Drill Guide, Inc. manufactures a full line of plastic support bushings and chip box seals for all deephole drilling machines.

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