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Multi-torch Oxy Fuel Cutting = lowest cost. Propane or Nat Gas multi-torch equipment, will often offer a much lower cost alternative to costly plasma cutting equipment

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Oxy-Fuel gas cutting is functional for use with low carbon and low alloy steels, with a carbon content generally restricted to 1/10 to 3/10 of 1%. The various alloy elements found in steel affect the ability of the oxygen to cut the metal.


Welding Glass: Brown?s Gas works great to weld glass and fuse it around various materials. If the torch is directed directly upon the cold glass, it shatters.

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Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding. Acetylene gas is shipped in special cylinders designed to keep the gas dissolved.

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How to Properly Light, Adjust and Shut Down an Oxy–Acetylene Torch. Lighting, adjusting and shutting down an oxygen-acetylene torch is easy – especially when following the proper procedures.

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Product Features... devided into oxy-acetylene welding torch and oxy-propane welding torch ...

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Find all General Air SDS sheets in an easy to download form. Oxygen, CO2, Argon, nitrogen, butane, propane, helium, hydrogen, and more...

Cutting-torch, gas-, gasoline-, arc-, plasma- and laser-cutting.

Cutting-torch and methods. Cutting materials by economic means. How to deal with difficult metals. Underwater by hydrogen-torch. Gasoline burning torch. Plasma Cutters.

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Never use grease, lubricants or oils on any part of your torch, tank, hose or regulator – especially with oxygen: oxygen likes to blow up when in contact with oil or grease.

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Description: • The torch is especially developed by our factory for oxy hydrogen flame generator; • It is advanced, reliable, safe and exquisite, which can be distinguished from imitated products;

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