how to build high tunnel gardening for tomatoes

13 Ways to Keep Crops Cool During Hot Weather | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Learn about keeping crops cool during hot weather, how to protect your crops from ol' sol's relentless radiation, plus simple late summer techniques for a bountiful fall harvest.

How to Build a Low Tunnel - Mother of a Hubbard

Learn how to construct a low tunnel for your backyard garden, as well as the types of vegetables that do best in cold weather.

How To Build A Greenhouse - The Elliott Homestead

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to build a greenhouse ... it even includes a cost breakdown for what it costs from start to finish.

How-to-Grow World Class Giant Vegetables

A Passion. I discovered that I was a passionate gardener in 1992 when I was first introduced to the sport of giant pumpkin growing. Since then, I have written four books on giant pumpkins, and one on chrysanthemums, along with editing, designing, and publishing a two books on giant tomatoes.

Gardening Under Cover – Where to begin with greenhouses ...

Polytunnels. Polytunnels make gardening undercover affordable for many. You can get a much larger growing area for your money but you will have to replace the polythene every five to ten years, depending upon the gauge you buy and your location (some will be more exposed to weather conditions that others).

Tips for Growing Tomatoes | Sustainable Gardening Australia

Introduction to sustainably growing tomatoes. Tips on position, soil prep, feeding, watering, staking, controlling pests and diseases. Recipe ideas for your crop

Tomato Cages, Stakes or Trellises: Which is best for ...

Many people who are new to growing heirloom tomatoes in the ground start with a tomato plant, a bag of fertilizer and a tomato "cage" purchased at a garden center.

VIDEO LIBRARY - Johnny's Selected Seeds

Watch Johnny's instructive and informative videos, on topics ranging from how to plant, cultivate, and harvest your crops, to using our unique line of slow tools and supplies, for effectively marketing your produce.

Real-World Winter Gardening Tips From Your Growing Zone ...

Real-World Winter Gardening Tips From Your Growing Zone. Grow food year-round by following these winter gardening tips from backyard gardeners in your Growing Zone.

: Lightimetunnel LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 300W ...

Lightimetunnel 300W LED Grow Light Lightimetunnel 300w full spectrum led grow light innovatively adopts the newest technology double chips to produce a high lumen output, promoting plants to achieve their best growth.

No Dig Gardening | Deep Green Permaculture

Everyone agrees that gardening would be way more fun, and many people would be more inclined to take up gardening if there wasn't the need for all that back-breaking hard work such as digging…

Vegetable Diary Planner shows when to plant vegetables

Name: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Date posted: November 23, 2011 - 04:05 pm Message: Read the pages on this website and follow the advice, join a garden club or allotment society, happy gardening.

DIY Hoop House Greenhouse Design and Build - Mr Crazy KicksMr ...

As a kid, I imagined creating an endless summer indoors where I could grow exotic plants. I finally decided to design and build my own greenhouse.

Ten Natural Poison Ivy Remedies - Earth Clinic

Posted by Carolyn (Milford, Ct) on 12/26/2010. Green Tomato: Green (unripe) tomatoes contain a compound which perfectly neutralizes the toxin found in the poison ivy plant.

How to Build an Inexpensive Hoop-Style Greenhouse | Alberta ...

How to build an inexpensive 12 by 32 foot hoop-style greenhouse made from pvc pipe for under $400

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