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A new energy label, introduced in 2010, is based on the energy efficiency index (EEI), and has energy classes in the range A+++ to D. The EEI is a measure of the annual electricity consumption, and includes energy consumed during power-off and standby modes, and the energy consumed in 220 washing cycles.

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How much electricity do you use each month? The answer will vary. It depends on several factors, but mostly will depend on type and number of household appliances that you use.

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A lot of people think when they turn off an electrical appliance that it doesn't use any power. Time to think again, most electrical devices in your home still use electricity while turned off!

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Efficient, versatile and easy to use, the Instant Pot Ultra combines endless cooking functions into one compact countertop appliance. Use it as a slow cooker, pressure co...

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If you are buying a new cooling appliance, talk to a cooling specialist about the best option for your needs. The specialist can work out the cooling power output (rated in kilowatts (kW)) that you need, taking into account the size of the area to cool, size and location of any windows, and ceiling height.

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When you shop for appliances, look for the Energy Star label. It means the appliance meets certain energy-efficiency guidelines. The average household spends $2,000 each year on energy bills.

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energy savings at home. Improving your home's energy efficiency with ENERGY STAR can help to lower high energy bills, improve comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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A power outlet allows electrical equipment and appliances to get connected to AC power. Arduino can be used to control this power outlet in order to turn the electrical equipment or appliance in to a smart device. Normally, we plug in different appliances or electrical devices in to the wall socket ...

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A power strip (also known as an extension block, power board, power bar, plug board, trailing gang, trailing socket, plug bar, trailer lead, multi-socket, multi-box, multiple socket, multiple outlet, polysocket and by many other variations) is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable (typically with a mains ...

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Home Appliance Class-B Safety Software. Modern home appliances have made once tedious tasks simple to accomplish. What once took hours of exertion can now be accomplished with a few presses of a button.

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Related sites: Home Power Magazine.All about renewable energy for the home. No-Impact Man.Blog about a family striving to have no net impact. (i.e., What little they use, they offset.)

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