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Are you sure you can keep your people and your facility safe? The safety and health of employees is the number one priority for every company. The Pi Foam System is the safest and the most effective fire-extinguishing system on the market.

ISO 14520-1:2015 - Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems ...

ISO 14520-1:2015 specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, installation, testing, maintenance and safety of gaseous fire fighting systems in buildings, plants or other structures, and the characteristics of the various extinguishants and types of fire for which they are a suitable extinguishing medium.

Automatic fire suppression - Wikipedia

Automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Examples of automatic systems include fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression, and condensed aerosol fire suppression.

Evacuation Plans and Procedures eTool | Emergency Standards ...

Fixed fire extinguishing/suppression systems are commonly used to protect areas containing valuable or critical equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunication switches, and process control rooms. Their main function is to quickly extinguish a developing fire and alert occupants before ...

PROINERT2 - Inert Gas | Fire Suppression | Fike

Inert gas fire suppression systems are the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. Because of its unique patented valve assembly, Fike's PROINERT agent enters the protected room within the industry required 60 seconds but at a steady flow rate — preventing destructive turbulence from occurring.


2/6 RIM SEAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM. b) The Foam Based extinguishing system. Foam based extinguishing system is 100% proven substitute of Halon system and is environmental

Inert Gas Data Center Fire Protection and Hard Disk Drive ...

This article provides an overview of fire detection and suppression systems and an explanation of how some gas systems can damage HDD storage hardware.

Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management - CD/DVDs

Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management . The purpose of SIGTTO is to promote shipping and terminal operations for liquefied gases which are safe, environmentally responsible and reliable.


An UK detection and control company for fire alarm, fire fighting, water sprinkler system, gas supperssion system, fire pump, hose reel, fire extinguishers

12 Things You Must Do Before Operating Ship's CO2 Fire ...

An engine room fire is without doubt one of the worst forms of fire on a ship. Here are few steps be be followed before operating the CO2 fire extinguishing system in the engine room

Kitchen Systems – |Buckeye Fire ...

No Conduit Required By using Buckeye Shielded Cable no conduit is required for system inputs/outputs. Buckeye Shielded Cable is Listed for the gas valve, detection line, and pull station.

Fire extinguisher - Wikipedia

The first fire extinguisher of which there is any record was patented in England in 1723 by Ambrose Godfrey, a celebrated chemist at that time.It consisted of a cask of fire-extinguishing liquid containing a pewter chamber of gunpowder.

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems | Maxell

CO2 Total Flooding System. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Gas, the fastest and most efficient extinguishing agent against fires in protected spaces, suffocates the fire within designated time and minimize the damage in protected spaces.

Product Detail - Ansul

The PIRANHA Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System employs the best firefighting attributes of two extinguishing agents: the fast flame knockdown and securing power of wet chemical and the fast cool-down capability of water.

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