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Chapter 1513: COAL SURFACE MINING. 1513.01 Coal surface mining definitions. As used in this chapter: "Approximate original contour" means that surface configuration achieved by backfilling and grading of a mined area so that the reclaimed area, including any terracing or access roads, closely resembles the general surface configuration of the ...

Work Health and Safety (Excavation Work) Code of Practice 2015

This Code of Practice for managing health and safety risks associated with excavation work is an approved code of practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act).

Excavation | archaeology |

Excavation: Excavation, in archaeology, the exposure, recording, and recovery of buried material remains. In a sense, excavation is the surgical aspect of archaeology: it is surgery of the buried landscape and is carried out with all the skilled craftsmanship that has been built up in the era since

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The Anatidae are the biological family of birds that includes ducks, geese, and swans.The family has a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring on all the world's continents.. These birds are adapted for swimming, floating on the water surface, and in some cases diving in at least shallow w

Terre de surface - Aménagement paysager à Gatineau

Gauvreau Terre De Surface offre plusieurs produits pour l'aménagement paysager. Notre équipe vous aidera dans la réalisation de vos projets de paysagement à Gatineau.

Carlson Software - Carlson Construction for 3D Data Prep & Design

Data Prep & Design for 3D Data Prep Affordable... Easy-to-Use... Intuitive Workflow Carlson Construction is an integrated cut/fill takeoff and 3D surface modeling software solution designed for site and road construction.

Hi-Tech Concrete Coatings - Concrete Lifting, Polishing, and ...

Our complete offering allows us to offer our customers the best of both surface and substrate solutions concrete foundation challenges.

Site Preparation - Home Building Answers

Site preparation consists of clearing away the trees from your building site, doing whatever rough grading that is necessary, and staking the house location in preparation for installation of the footings and foundation.

Driveway Surface Options and Prices - Survey | ...

In this survey we asked paving contractors to give a couple of their preferred driveway surface options and prices per square metre including site preparation.

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Passivation refers to the spontaneous formation of an ultrathin film of corrosion products, known as a passive film, on the metal's surface that act as a barrier to further oxidation.

Seismic Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves - HGI World

Multi-channel analysis of surface wave (MASW) technique is used to investigate the elastic properties (stiffness) of the ground for geotechnical engineering

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Authorized Open Erodible Area. The resident engineer will limit the amount of surface area of erodible earth material exposed at one time due to excavation, borrow fill within the project, contractor furnished borrow and excess material disposal site.

Surface Mining Techniques used in the Oil Sands

Surface mining is defined as the extraction of ore from an open pit or burrow. Surface mining is sometimes known as open-pit, open-cut or open-cast mining and is only commercially viable if the deposit is located relative close to the surface.  Less than 20% of Alberta's bitumen reserves

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