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DRY HEAT STERILIZATION & DEPYROGENATION • Dry heat is often the agent of choice for sterilizing items which will tolerate high temperatures. Dry heat sterilization processes


PRINCIPLES OF STERILIZATION: MOIST HEAT STERILIZATION: Moist heat sterilization is otherwise refered as steam sterilization under pressure. Mechanism of killing of microorganisms:

Microbiology Online: Autoclaving: Real Sterilization

Indicator of Sterilization Achievement: Several commercially available methods can indicate whether sterilization has been achieved by heat treatment.


With more than 50 years of experience with ovens, Lytzen is the worldwide market leader within ovens for the pharmaceutical and plastic processing industry.

How to Properly Sterilize Canning Jars -

Nor is it necessary to sterilize jars that will be used in a pressure canner. This method, too, uses very high heat that will sterilize the glass jars, making pre-sterilization unnecessary.

Dry Heat Sterilizer - Depyrogenation Oven

Dry Heat Sterilizers are designed to meet Sterilization and Depyrogenation requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As the name suggests, these sterilizers use dry heat (hot air) for sterilization.

HEAT TREATMENT OF MEAT PRODUCTS - Home | Food and Agriculture ...

Heating parameters for meat products. For preparation of meat dishes in households or restaurants, exact temperature control is normally not needed and it is only differentiated between low, medium and high dry or moist heat (see box above).

FOD - Dry-heat sterilization - Fedegari Group

Fedegari solution for dry-heat sterilization and depyrogenation. FOD ovens are designed thanks to over 50 years experience in managing sterilization cycles.

Dry heat sterilization - Wikipedia

Process. The dry heat sterilization process is accomplished by conduction; that is where heat is absorbed by the exterior surface of an item and then passed inward to the next layer.

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heat up milk cool it down add a cup of prepared yogurt pour it into jars let the jars sit in a cooler with warm water for several hours. It's not at all fancy. The first time I made yogurt, I thought it was a total pain-in-the-rear and I was SO never doing it again. But, after I did it a few times ...

Sterilization (microbiology) - Wikipedia

Dry heat was the first method of sterilization and is a longer process than moist heat sterilization. The destruction of microorganisms through the use of dry heat is a gradual phenomenon.

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