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Hamlet chicken processing plant fire - Wikipedia

The Hamlet chicken processing plant fire was an industrial fire in Hamlet, North Carolina, at the Imperial Foods processing plant on September 3, 1991, resulting from a failure in a hydraulic line. 25 workers were killed and 55 injured in the fire, trapped behind locked fire doors.

Foods you can eat WEEKS after their best-before date | Daily ...

The foods you can eat WEEKS after their best-before date: From vegetables to chicken, we reveal how you can tell if it's still fresh enough to consume . . .

Are Chemicals Commonly Used in Poultry Plants Masking ...

Are Chemicals Commonly Used in Poultry Plants Masking Salmonella? By Helena Bottemiller | August 8, 2013 Food safety experts are scratching their heads after a Washington Post article suggested last week that certain chemicals used in poultry processing might be masking the presence of Salmonella.

They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in ...

Men sent to Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery, better known as CAAIR, work full time at chicken processing plants. The hours are long, the conditions are brutal and the program keeps all the wages.

National Chicken Council Brief on Stunning of Chickens

The standard in modern poultry processing plants is to render birds insensible—that is, unconscious and incapable of feeling pain—prior to slaughter.

Can Americans Eat More Chicken? U.S. Industry Bets on Growth ...

As if Americans didn't have enough chicken on the menu already, production of the nation's most-popular meat is headed for the biggest growth spurt in more than a decade.

Cargill selling pork unit to JBS USA Pork -

Included in the transaction are Cargill's meat processing plants in Ottumwa, Iowa, and Beardstown, Ill., which last year together processed 9.3 million hogs.

USDA salmonella |

A game of chicken: The U.S. Department of Agriculture failed to protect the public during a decade of salmonella outbreaks traced to Foster Farms.

What's Really In That Chicken Nugget? - The National Chicken ...

Chicken nuggets are in fact typically made of the same meat that you see in the supermarket, that is, broiler meat. Most chicken nuggets start as a split breast of chicken.

Eat Wild - Washington

Akyla Farms offers pastured chicken, pastured pork and farm fresh eggs from our small laying flock.. At Akyla Farms pastures are the cornerstone of the farm and we enjoy seeing and hearing our animals happy and healthy, eating what mother nature intended them to eat.

Slaughterhouse Workers | Food Empowerment Project

Slaughtering animals and processing their flesh is an inherently dangerous industry where company profits consistently take priority over workers' most basic rights.

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